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‘Remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison … ‘ Hebrews 13:3


Christ-centered relationships change everything

We are not meant to study God’s Word alone. That’s why Crossroads connects people in prison with mentors from churches who study the Bible with them and encourage them through heartfelt letters. The mentors are the heart of Crossroads Prison Ministries, offering a personal touch not found in other correspondence Bible study programs.

Through the mentorship program, students can study more than one hundred lessons that are relevant to people in prison. Volunteer mentors review their lessons, answer their questions, encourage their spiritual growth and share their own testimonies.

As friendships between mentors and students blossom, so do genuine love and respect and the desire to encourage one another to discover their God-given potential.

The program is entirely free to students as Crossroads covers all costs for lessons, postage, and a Bible if a student needs one. The impact is immeasurable as students and volunteer mentors grow in faith as they study God’s Word together.


The Crossroads Story



How it works –


Why prison ministry?


Study God’s Word with people who are in prison.

We believe that we are not meant to study God’s Word alone. That is why our mentorship program connects people in prisons with mentors from churches to develop Christ-centered relationships as they study God’s Word together. The encouraging letters that mentors send to their students are the heart of the ministry; they remind people in prison that they are not forgotten and that they are deeply loved by God. The encouragement provides hope that helps our incarcerated brothers and sisters turn their lives around.

You can impact the lives of men and women in prison as a Crossroads mentor from anywhere in the United States. You can serve from the comfort of your own home or in fellowship with your own Bible study group or church group.

As a Crossroads mentor, you will:

  • Review students’ Bible study lessons and offer encouraging comments
  • Write uplifting and hope-filled letters to your students
  • Pray for your students


You don’t need to be a Bible expert to be a Crossroads mentor. If you have a little time in your schedule and a lot of love in your heart, you can make a difference in the life of someone in prison!

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