Prison Ministry Program Online Forum

Christian Prison Ministry Program

Online Forum

The Return Path Home, a Christian Prison Ministry program, will be conducting an online forum. This virtual forum will be held from 10 a.m. until noon Saturday, _____________ 20xx.

Over the year the forum will highlight topics essential to the Christian Prison Ministry.

  • “You Came Unto Me”: The Biblical Mandate For Ministry
  • Qualifications And Preparation
  • Starting A Prison Ministry
  • Corresponding With Inmates
  • Visiting Inmates
  • Conducting Group Meetings
  • Ministering To Inmate’s Families
  • Ministering To Death Row Inmates
  • Post-Prison Ministry
  • Relating To Inmates
  • The Word is not bound to the page, but the Scriptures are the only source of the written Word.


It is our hope that The Return Path Home will accomplish its intended purpose of getting all Christians and particularly men of all denominations enthusiastic about and involved in prison ministry.

This virtual forum is sponsored by the United Methodist Men of the North Georgia Conference.

The Bible says in Matthew 25:36 that we are supposed to visit those in prison. We long to share the rich heritage handed down to us from our founder John Wesley who was a leading prison ministry advocate in the early 1700’s in England, where he was instrumental in securing prison reform in the infamous New Gate Prison in London.  

The U.S. prison population currently stands at 1.4 million men and women. The Georgia Department of Corrections has 34 state prisons across the state of Georgia, which house nearly 52,000 felony offenders. This number however, does not reflect the true impact on Georgians because it fails to convey the damage done to victims and their families as well as to the families of the incarcerated and its contribution to what we are learning about generational incarceration.

As Christians we believe in second chances and the redemptive power of Jesus Christ and believe lives can be changed and should not be cast aside without the opportunity to be changed by the power of a forgiving savior.

All churches and denominations are invited to attend the virtual forum.


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