About The Path Forward

The Path Forward is a Prison Ministry operating under the United Methodist Men of North Georgia. Our vision is to reach out with the love of Christ to those who are broken, bound and spiritually lost. Our UMMen charter requires us to be in fellowship with all men, helping them to move into their true God given identity, purpose and destiny.

The Path Forward emphasizes God’s design for each man’s Spirit, Soul and Body. We believe that this truth transcends gender, race, and socioeconomic status.  Our message seeks to bring all men into the body of Christ, and ultimately, out into the world.

The Path Forward works with church communities, prison populations, advocacy groups, and recovery groups.

Mission Statement: The Path Forward  reaches out to the broken, bound and spiritually lost. We offer hope through Jesus Christ, allowing all to reach their God given potential.

Vision Statement: The vision of The Path Forward is to see all men brought into a personal relationship with God. Each person will be healed, be set truly free and be made whole.We envision them going out to transform their community, fulfilling their Kingdom identity, and finally accomplishing their purpose as assigned by God.