Who Are The UM Men?


Who Are The United Methodist Men (UMM)?

A fellowship of men committed to building personal relationships with Jesus Christ and helping others discover the joy of knowing the Lord. UMM is established for all men, whether or not members of the church, regardless of where you are in your walk with the Lord. We inform about activities and encourage participation; we will not pester you about it. This is not a club; we have no membership quotas or goals; we just seek to serve the Lord and share with others the blessings of friendship and fellowship.


What is the relationship of UMM to other groups in the church?

Men of our church serve in many different ministries. UMM does not replace any of them. It works with and through these ministries to attain the following goals:

  • Promote spiritual growth and outreach
  • Help fit men for service so faith and actions can work together
  • Support/publicize men’s ministries and other church activities
  • Encourage accountability to God through trusting relationships

Chartering a UMM unit in your Local Church